4 Hours + 3 Hours + 3 Hours Private Workshop 4 Hour Private Workshop2 Hour Private Workshop2 Hour GROUP Workshop
1 Core Session (4 hours). 2 Follow-Up Sessions (3 hrs each) at your own paceSingle 4-hour SessionSingle 2-hour SessionSingle 2-hour Session
Complete Course, Plenty of Hands-On Practice and CritiqueEssential Skills, Hands-OnEssential Skills, Hands-OnEssential Skills, Hands-On
Option to have all 10 hours in single sessionOption to include Lightroom and Photoshop SkillsGreat as a refresher coursePopular choice for corporate training
1 person only1 person only1 person onlyMaximum 30 persons in group
Workshop Venue: FlexibleWorkshop Venue: PuchongWorkshop Venue: PuchongWorkshop Venue: Flexible
Choose Your Own DatesChoose Your Own DatesChoose Your Own DatesChoose Your Own Dates

RM 3000

RM 1200

RM 700

RM 1500