Bought a digital SLR camera but wondering why you’re not getting good photos, like the advertisements promised? Time to stop using the preset scene modes on your camera. My SimpleSLR Photography Workshops are hands-on digital photography classes conducted in very intensive sessions, designed for busy people who may not be able to commit a long stretch of weekends at one go.

The SimpleSLR Approach to Photography

Personally conducted by professional photographer and photography workshop trainer Andy Lim (click to view his portfolio)

Intensive Learning at a Private SimpleSLR Workshop

These are private photography workshops with a customizable syllabus. You will be the only participant in this class, enabling me to focus 100% on making sure that you fully grasp what is being taught and are able to use your digital SLR to its fullest potential.

Use the 2-hour or 4-hour workshop as a quick start to photography if you are a beginner. Or use several sessions (at intervals that you decide) to polish up a specific area of photography. I can also show you how to post-process your photos to perfection. You can take as many sessions as needed to achieve your photography goal.

For cumulative sessions (ask for your 10% discount for subsequent sessions), I will give you a mini photo assignment where you will choose a subject to shoot and practise what you’ve learnt. You will have plenty of time to practise what you’ve learnt before the next session. At subsequent sessions we will review your photos, and I will provide critiques, offer corrections to mistakes, and advice to improve your shots further.

SimpleSLR private photography workshops are limited to 1 participant only (you have the option to split the cost with up to 2 other persons). The workshop is personalized to your needs.

I use a very organic approach to teaching, not restricting myself to a specific syllabus. Expect a very practical “how-to” guide to tackling frequently encountered challenges in your area of photography, eg. backlighting or fast-moving children for beginner photographers, or creating different moods for portraiture for intermediate to advanced photographers.

Affordable Photography Lessons with SimpleSLR Group Workshops

Group workshops enable you to learn photography in a classroom environment, where you’ll be working with your camera 90% of the time. I will closely monitor your progress and offer solutions to your photography questions.

Registration and Payment Procedure

Choose a workshop and sign up by making a payment via Paypal or Credit Card.  Your seat in the workshop will be confirmed once you have made your payment. The fees are fully refundable if you cancel within 14 days before the workshop. Choose your workshop now!